Enterprise Fraud Risk Management

An AI-Driven Security, Audit, and Fraud Monitoring solution to detect, prevent and manage fraud throughout your enterprise in real time from a single platform.
Organizations around the globe lose approximately 5 percent of annual revenues to fraud. CrossFraud®'s Enterprise Fraud Risk Management solution addresses competently and convincingly the need for financial institutions for controlling operations risk through an integrated approach. Although most banks have fraud detection systems in place, such systems typically provide reactive, after-the-fact analysis of questionable transactions. Real-time transaction scoring is your best option for preventing fraud at various instances like PoS, wire transfer, etc.

Our Enterprise Fraud Risk Management System is geared to handle the ever-changing and ever-challenging financial crime scenarios faced by financial institutions. Read on below to know more.

How it helps banks

Know the latest behaviour patterns of customers, as entity behaviour profiles can be computed and recomputed dynamically. Accurate and reliable fraud detection through advanced technologies and complex frauds detection capability using a huge library of fraud models.

Alerts are raised on suspicious transactions. All transactions are scored for fraud risk based on configurable parameters. The system recommends an action based on the configured action. For case management, we provide an interface for case workers to review suspected transactions. Actions such as blocking a transaction, holding a transaction, or blocking a card, account, customer can be taken. All alerts including blocked transactions are displayed in the Case Management System.

A framework with Drag-and-drop interface to configure complex as well as simple fraud models with the help of a comprehensive set of building blocks. Set actions for each fraud pattern or based on the transaction risk score, and assess the effect of new models or modifications to existing models by rule calibration and rule optimization. Models can be activated or deactivated as necessary, with versioning and roll-back capabilities.

The solution generates drilldown dashboards and necessary MIS reports which can be used to study and analyse the fraud situation. Scheduling of automatic generation of periodic reports is possible, with review and comment feature on the reports. Includes report exporting as email attachments.


CrossFraud®'s EFRM System can detect fraud under multiple channels and products like core banking, ATMs, PoS, online banking, cards, remittances, etc. Includes Real-time, near real-time or batch mode of monitoring, with Real-Time response times ranging from 20 milliseconds to 500 milliseconds.


The system is reliable, stable and fast, with above 99.99% fraud detection rates and 90% uptime and false positive ratio of less than 10:1. The system is extremely reliable with high speed results and scalabile as per needs.

Access and Security

The solution is accessible through a GUI in a web browser via Single Sign-On(SSO) and can use the bank’s access control system or implement its own access control system. Access to reports, fraud model configuration, case management and threshold configuration can be controlled through role management and user management.

Integration with other Applications

The system can integrate with other applications such as banking applications for receiving transactions from various channels and services, bank’s internal applications such as HRMS and Active Directory, AML or FI applications and enhanced authentication systems and security systems.


Smarter Detection Using Technology

Helps meet the challenges posed by increasingly smarter fraudsters to detect fraud with high levels of accuracy and fewer instances of false alerts. Entity profiles are built from the analysis of past transaction behaviour and are used in identifying outlier transactions.

Learns and improves continually

CrossFraud® strengthens itself continually by learning from the system. The Fraud Detection Engine (FDE) takes the recommendations of fraud analysts as feedback to reduce false alerts. Data of false alerts are analysed to find non-suspicious patterns and rescore the transactions for risk.

Liberates from Information Silos

Lets you break down organizational silos as necessary to deploy and manage the solution in whatever manner is best suited to your organization. Detects complex frauds spread across channels, products, geographies and time zones.

Scalable Solution

When a bank expands the business by introducing new products, it results in continual growth in the number of accounts, customers and transactions. CrossFraud® is capable of handling the increasing number of transactions without any significant effect on performance.