Anti Money Laundering

Safeguard your financial institution against Money Laundering and terrorism financing by using our effective Anti-Money Laundering solution.
CrossFraud®'s sophisticated Anti-Money Laundering solution addresses competently and convincingly the need of financial institutions to control operations risk from financial crime, through an integrated approach. Our solution empowers banks and other financial institutes to proactively manage AML risks and compliance needs. It offers financial institutions unmatched prediction and detection capabilities and reduced investigation times while also decreasing overall compliance costs.

This is an Enterprise Level Monitoring Solution, through which you can implement preventive measures. It monitors all transaction and behavioral related data of the customer and raises alerts when suspicious activity is found. CrossFraud® is flexible to implement AML solutions based on varying requirements of the banks. Read on below to know more.

How it helps banks

Anomaly detection through the analysis of customer’s past behaviour in terms of transaction attributes such as channels, timeslots, modes, counterparties, amounts and volumes. Also incorporates Peer Group Analysis.

Generates compliance reports in formats compatible with the relevant FIU. The solution is compatible with FIU India and Thailand, and can be easily made compliant with the AML regulatory bodies of any geography.

Includes comprehensive case management module with an interface for case workers to review suspected transactions (alerts/cases) with a facility to drill down through case information.

Watch lists of risky entities such as ATM terminal, IP addresses, risky countries (FATCA list and others), customers, regions and branches. Includes money laundering models containing 60+ models as prescribed by Indian Banks Association.

Customer Risk Rating Framework

A framework used in transaction risk scoring and pattern modelling for initial and on-going assessment of the risk rating of customers, based on key static and dynamic risk indicators with an ability to define or redefine the risk rating methodology.

Name-Screening Solution

A real-time and offline lookup tool to check whether a person is on any of the sanctions lists (UN, OFAC, WorldCheck, Dow Jones R&C etc.), PEP lists or bank-specific watch lists. With this, you can analyse and identify enhanced customer due diligence needs, configure identity markers and scoring methodology, and reduce false-positives through white lists.

Transaction Monitoring

A solution for detecting money laundering by transaction monitoring and customer profiling, generation of compliance reports for FIU and case management. Detection based on anomalies from past behaviour and matching suspicious patterns for a single or sequence of transactions. Perform transaction risk scoring and comprehensive case management.


Makes technology work for the Bank

Power of artificial Intelligence and business intelligence are combined to detect money laundering with high levels of confidence and lower instances of false alerts. Incorporates the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Intelligence (BI) and Complex Event Processing (CEP).

Compliance ceases to be a challenge

With the AML Solution generating the compliance reports as per the formats specified by regulatory bodies and schedules set by the bank, proving compliance to regulatory bodies stops being a concern to the banks.

Makes your risks clear

A single platform to know the customer, monitor the behaviour and assess the risk from multiple aspects, like checking the names of prospective customers against sanctions lists, assess customer risk before onboarding, find hidden links among customers, etc.

Grows with the Bank

Banks introduce new products and services with the aim of continual growth in the number of customers. This will mean an increasing number of accounts and hence, increasing number of transactions. The solution is capable of handling the increasing number of transactions without any significant effect on performance.

Easy Integration and Scalability

CrossFraud® AML Solution can be easily integrated with banking applications to monitor transactions from various channels, products and services. It can be integrated with the Enterprise Fraud Risk Management System or other such banking systems and can work efficiently with any CBS.